Sisters in spirit, these talented singers focus on strong vocals and brilliant harmonies to recreate the sights and sounds of a bygone era. Combining their down-to-earth style with a love for all things vintage, The Victory Sisters perform all year round bringing their fun and lively music to parties, gigs and festivals across the U.K.

Liz, Marcia and Karen are three professionally trained performers who, as individuals, have been gracing the stage for years.  They found they shared a love of music from the 1940s as well as all things vintage.

With an expanding repertoire of music including songs from The Andrews Sisters, Gracie Fields and Vera Lynn, they can provide that true sound of the 1940’s for your event.

Wow! Three beautiful bombshells, impeccably dressed with stunning vocals and tight period harmonies. To quote Gershwin ‘Who could ask for anything more?’ 

Tom Carradine, Organiser & Pianist extraordinaire – Carradine’s Cockney Sing-a-long

Meet the Sisters


Liz has been singing since she was 15 after having her first lead in a school musical of Grease. She has always loved singing with other people creating harmonies and groups like The Andrews Sisters were a huge influence in her musical style. In 2014, she decided to embark upon a new venture and found 2 more incredible performers and The Victory Sisters were born. With Marcia’s velvety low tones and Karen’s crisp melody, Liz is the jammy filling that completes this harmonious sandwich. Food and music, two of Liz’s favourite things.

Fun Fact: Liz loves swords and has 4 replica Samurai swords. She’s so dramatic.


Karen spent the early years of her performing career singing across the seven seas on board P and O’s Oriana. After returning to land she went in search of singing opportunities on solid ground and was lucky to land a spot as one third of The Victory Sisters. From manning the ship’s helm Karen can now often be found manning the melody line, trying to keep the Sisters on a melodious course, though she often has to resist the temptation to join in with them on their juicy harmony lines.

Fun Fact: Whilst at sea Karen did indeed learn to steer the ship and once successfully steered The Pride of Bilbao into Portsmouth Harbour all whilst calling Aye Aye Captain!


Marcia always loved performing from a very young age, but it was her terrifying turn as Bill Sykes (age 14) that set her on the path to a career in music. Treading the boards as a bloke (she went to an all-girls school) stood her in good stead for her role as ‘the one with the low notes’ in The Victory Sisters (she prides herself on having a bottom C, not a high one.)

Fun Fact: Marcia has graduated from tortoise-motherhood (Pomona) to human motherhood, and when she’s not singing a bassy alto line can be found chasing after her son/little scamp Ezra.