Meet the Sisters


lizHome town? – I grew up in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Favourite Film? – Definitely Singing in the Rain.  Can’t beat Gene Kelly! Love it!

Cake? – Hmmmm, I do like a chocolate fudge cake.  But it has to be warm!

Favourite song that you perform? – I like them all but I especially like Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.  It is a classic and you can’t call yourself a vintage trio if you don’t have it in your rep can you?

Tea? – I’m a good old English breakfast tea type of girl.  And it has to be Yorkshire tea!

Besides performing? – I love to bake! I don’t like eating the baking as much as I do making it! Is that weird? Luckily I have two lovely ladies who I can bake for! 

Interesting fact? – Well, I own a few replica Samurai swords! I didn’t think this was such an interesting fact but the other girls assured me it was quite a random fact!


marciaHome town? – I'm originally from London, but moved to Bournemouth when I was 3, and spent most of my childhood singing Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside. Favourite Film? – Well, from a musical point of view I'd have to say West Side Story - such a fantastic score, and the dance is just wonderful. Cake? – Yes. Always. Anything gluten free and I am ON IT. Favourite song that you perform? – Obviously Chattanooga Choo Choo, as I have the lead and it's a corker! Who doesn't like to impersonate a train with a little 'Woowooooo!' Tea? – Lady Grey, dash of almond milk, and cold tap water to taste. I know, thoroughly bizarre. Besides performing? – I am surgically attached to my phone because of a certain app that let's you follow various blogs. I can lose hours pouring over interior design articles in my onesy: no, I have no shame. Interesting fact? – In my second year at University I was in a band called My Special Friend. We played precisely one sell-out gig, and then split for 'artistic reasons', the main one being our drummer* kept dropping their sticks during the gig. *yes, I was the drummer.



KarenHome town? – I spent my early years in East Sussex, just outside of Battle, as in Battle of Hastings.

Favourite Film? – Oh gosh! Too hard to choose just one!

Cake? – I just recently tried lime and courgette cake which was utterly delicious but my absolute favourite is birthday cake

Favourite song that you perform? – I'm a big fan of Sing Sing Sing, one of our fast-paced, fun big band numbers.

Tea? – Green. Always green. I flirted briefly with Earl Grey but it didn't work out.